Please read this first! Important!

How much it cost for YOU to work in Hungary, in EU?
The simple answer is NOTHING ... Collecting fees (in any form) from Employees is PROHIBITED BY THE LAW in Hungary and in the EU and by DMW as well. Therefore if any agency asking for a "placement fee" or any other form of payment, they are breaking the law!

Good to know:
Before You Apply...

The Hungarians (Magyarok) were Christianised at the end of the 10th century, and the Christian Kingdom of Hungary was established in AD 1000. One of the oldest country in Europe.
Hungary joined the European Union in 2004 and has been part of the Schengen Area since 2007. It is a member of numerous international organisations, including the United Nations, NATO, WTO, World Bank, the AIIB, the Council of Europe, and the Visegrád Group. Despite EU membership, we do not use EURO, but our own currency, the Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft.).

In Hungary, we speak Hungarian which is a Finno-Ugric language, member of the Uralic language family. The Hungarian name for the language is Magyar. Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages an English speaker can learn, as well as one of the most rewarding.

The capital of Hungary is Budapest, a beautiful city, very popular tourist destination.

Good to know: How to Apply?

Recruitment and application is handled by our accredited partners in the Philippines.
Based on the actual position our partners are:
Andrews Manpower Consulting Inc..
You can check their website for openings or follow us on facebook for open positions.

Let's see how is the timeline from application ...


Find the right job first!

Positions advertised includes the location and the description of the job. If you are not sure or would like to know more about the job, please let our partner or us know. We will do our best to give you detailed information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the economy within the EU is not the same, while salaries on Hungary overall on the low side, the living costs are much lower as well. Calculate in advance if the contracted salary is sufficient for you!
Upon signing pre employment contract, an affidavit needed to be signed as well, that you are understanding the different salaries within the European Union. Terminating the contract on just base and seeking employment elsewhere is illegal and you will be punished by law.

Submit your application

At the job description, you can find a link to submit your CV and the required documents. Make sure, that you are prepared well! Do you best to when you write the CV, check that all vital data is match with your documents!
When uploading copy of your documents, make sure it is properly readable and match the requirements. Uploaded files always has to be in PDF format!.

First screening

Our partner will contact you to do the first interview check your data and upload our system, to schedule for interview.


Interview will take place at our partner office in Manila or Davao. Either face to face or online with your future employer. You will be instructed to bring along your documents for scanning.
Make sure you arrive in time, and don't be nervous ... this is just a chat :). Normally within 2 weeks you will receive the result. 

Submit the data for application

If you are selected for the position - and you accept it - we need collect detailed information about you to process your Residence Permit Application for Employment. This will include scanned copies of the following documents: all pages of your passport (valid at least 3 more years), NBI clearance, birth certificate, both side of your driving permit (if you have).

Visit VFS [ submit application and record biometric data ]

We are going to prepare all the documents needed to submit your Application. Some of these documents needed to be signed at our partner office (pre employment certificate, affidavits), some of at the embassy in front of the Consul: Application form, authorisation. 
At the embassy you have to pay for the application and authentication fee: Keep the receipt, you get refunded upon arrival!
Embassy website, for info and fees.
for VFS website click here

Processing of your application might take a while from 2 to 6 months. You will get notification from the Embassy by email. Your application process is handled by the Hungarian immigration, we don't have access nor information of the process.

Prepare for departure

After receiving your approval, you have to visit the embassy to collect your visa. This visa is only to collect the residence permit card in Hungary. Our partner will prepare you exit permit. We do our best to secure the flight for you as soon as possible.

Arriving to Hungary

Our representative will be waiting for you are the airport and arrange you transfer to your accommodation.
After arriving your employer will process:
- Collect the residence permit card,
- Register your tax number (actual tax card will be delivered within 2 months),
- Register your social security number (actual SS "TAJ" card will be delivered within 2 months),
- Assist you to open a bank account, where you going to receive your salary.

Note: the residence permit is registered online, regardless of the physical card, if your employment is terminated the residence permit card is invalid, wont be accepted. 

Work and live in Hungary

Work and live in a different country could be difficult at the beginning, but also exciting. For most of you this will be the first time in Europe, you have to learn how to deal with the differences. However your employer and ourselves will be there for you. Please keep this number, you can reach us here: +36300920002. For tips and tricks visit our FAQ section.

Extending your employment and Permanent Residency

Before your contract is expiring, and if you would like to continue your current work, have to discuss with your employer. Most likely they will be happy to extend your contract. Contact us, to help with the extension of your employment contract at least 2 months before expiration. 
After 3 year work in Hungary, you could apply for permanent residency. We will be happy to assist you processing your application. We don't charge service fee for the permanent residence application processing for OFWs working at our partner companies. 
Address in Hungary

1117 Budapest, Prielle Kornélia str. 47 - 49 E. bldg I. floor
Open: Monday - Thursday
8:00am - 3:00pm


Tel. (HU): +36 300 92 0002

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