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How much it cost for YOU to work in Hungary, in EU?
The simple answer is NOTHING ... Collecting fees (in any form) from Employees is PROHIBITED BY THE LAW in Hungary and in the EU and by POEA as well. Therefore if any agency asking for a "placement fee" or any other form of payment, they are breaking the law!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much cost to apply?
    To apply for work to Europe at Kolibri Manpower and partners, cost nothing for you. Those official fees you had to pay (visa, authentication and medical) will be reimbursed once you arrive to Hungary. Only cost you have is travel in Philippines and securing your own documents.
  • Opening a Bank account...
    Bank account is needed to receive your salary and manage your financials. Employer will help you to do so. In most cases, companies has special deal with their banks, to provide the best features on the most economic way for their employees.

    Whit the bank account you going to receive a bank card (VISA or Master Card), which you can use for shopping online and offline as well. Most shops are accepting electronic payments.
    We recommend to use electronic payment, to reduce the cash usage! 
    Also you can have online banking with the bank's dedicated application for your mobile phone.
  • Sending money back to Philippines...
    Once you have you bank account and bank card (or online banking), you can easily send money back home. However we recommend to use Transferwise, due the cost of sending money is much less, then sending via Western Union or regular Bank transfer.
    To sending money with Transferwise (WISE), you need only a bank account with VISA or Master Card or electronic banking. In the Philippines, who receive the money, need to have a bank account.
    Also you need to have a local mobile phone number to be able to register for WISE service!

    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, and the first 200,000 Ft transfer will cost you 0.00 Ft!
  • Travelling in Europe
    Within the Schengen area, you can travel freely. However make sure that your Residence Permit is valid! Employer have to report to immigration if employment is terminated, and the residence permit become invalid (regardless what is printed on it!). Therefor if you wish to travel after your employment is finished, coordinate with your employer or consult with us.
    If you overstay your Residence Permit, you will be deported and banned from EU! 
  • Permanent Residence
    After 3 years working in Hungary, you can apply for Permanent Residency. This gives you additional benefits, easier to find job, bring your family and receive additional benefits from the government. Permanent Residency is not linked to any employer!
    After working 3 year at our partner, we will help you to apply for the Permanent Residence permit. 
  • Salary & Payment Slip ... Gross vs Net Salary
    Once you start working the company will arrange you a bank account & bank card. This is where you going to receive your salary. Please note, that depend on the bank, opening account and receive card, codes etc. might take a while.

    The money you going to receive is always net, you don't have to pay any tax after it. However the payment slip what you going to receive can be very confusing. Dont worry, not only you … hardly anybody understands it :). I will try to explain the basics of personal taxation:

    In Hungary the contracts normally mentioning the gross salary, due the gross salary is the base of the calculations. There are taxes and fees which have to be paid. Some of them by the employee, others by the employer. To make is easier - by the law - those has to be paid by the employee also deducted by the employer and paid in on behalf of the employee.

    For example the minimum salary in Hungary (in 2021) is 161,000.00 HUF (ca. 27,000 PhP) gross.

    On the top of that the employer has to pay Social Contribution and Education Development fee currently 17% = 27,370.00 HUF. So the total cost for the employer is 188,370.00 HUF.

    From the gross salary the followings has to be deducted: 15% of TAX, 18.5% Social Security, retirement fee, labor market development fees.

    If employee has child who is below 18 years or still in School, TAX reduction apply. This is why always calculating in Gross, so each person receive their net based on their own unique situation.

    If the employee doesn’t have any kids (and there are several other things to consider, but unlikely going to face) the nett is 107,065.00 HUF.

    If employee has 3 underage child, the net salary going to be 158,585.00 HUF, due the TAX benefits.

    Also on the payment slip you will see overtimes. Generally there is two type of overtime:

    a., Max 250 hours per year can be included in the contracted salary. Check carefully your contract!

    b., Max 400 hours (not on the top of the 250!) which is the maximum overtime per year. By the law you are not allowed to work over this extra 400 hours per year. Even if you want to! Payment (%) for overtime is controlled by the Labor Code, can not be altered.

    Other common item is the Shift bonus. Which is also controlled by the Labor Code and can not alter from it.

    There is a special payment method a kind of “Food and Entertainment Allowance”. This is received in the special account called “SZEP-Kártya”. From this account, with this card you can buy some specified products and services: food in restaurant, hotel accommodations etc.. I recommend to use it, because it has TAX benefits as well. If you asking this amount as cash, you have to pay taxes after it as well. Normally companies paying 10,000.00 ~ 30,000.00 HUF per month in this form.  
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